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Jeanne Sirotkin, aka Jeanne Haynes, created this site to answer the question "What is it exactly, that you do?"

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Stomp Kicking Our Way to Heaven a recent blog published by North American Review.


Me and Betty White first published in North American Review, Summer Fiction Issue 2014.


RECENTLY RELEASED: "Wrestling the Bear", a collection of short stories awarded the 2011 Stephen F Austin Prize in Fiction. Order from your local independent bookstore (ISBN # 978-162288-006-5) or on AMAZON.


Interviews with Jeanne at Fiction Writers Review and a video from the Warren Library.


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Read the title story, which first appeared in Cimarron Review #146, on this website


Interview with Jeanne

Interview with Jeanne at Fiction Writers Review.

Because it's Nelson Mandela's birthday
Because we all wonder what we can do
or what it is we have done
On whose scale is the fruit weighed, anyway?
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Inch closer to the melting ice cap
The orchestra sits with instruments poised on their laps
staring at the empty podium
Someone in the audience coughs
Programs shuffle, a cell phone rings
It's connected to infinity
and reminds us that
once we slept in trees
we had calloused palms & feet
The concertmistress takes charge
She stands and
they play something hot and sleazy
The men remove their neckties and
the women loosen their clothes
It is summer and drought and more summer coming
The corn is wilting
The well is dry but we are not defeated
The last note - violin and cello -
Refuses to stop.


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